Are you living with knee and joint pain? The osteoarthritis treatment center at South Miami Spine and Joint offers a conservative, multi-disciplinary approach that can help manage your pain. We provide personalized treatment plans to restore your mobility and help get you back on your feet. Call us today and find your way back to healthy living.
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Osteoarthritis Treatment Program to Control Knee and Joint Pain

The osteoarthritis treatment program at South Miami Spine and Joint offers a holistic approach to treating your knee and joint pain. More traditional pain treatment tends to focus on treating the pain itself, however, treating pain holistically is quite different. Medical options are still utilized, but they’re simply one aspect of treatment. The science shows that oftentimes, whatever benefits the body also benefits the mind, and vice versa.

At South Miami Spine and Joint, our osteoarthritis treatment program has a multi-disciplinary approach that includes the use of viscosupplementation in conjunction with physical therapy and an emphasis on healthier lifestyle choices. Some specialists will give an injection of a steroid, but we use viscosupplementation, also known as hyaluronic acid injections or hyaluronan injections, which is a product that cushions, lubricates and protects worn-out joints. It is common for some specialists to inject “blindly” which means they just feel for the injection site. Instead, we use state of the art equipment enabling us to see that the product is being delivered precisely, under videofluoroscopy, for better results. In addition, we complete our treatment program through physical therapy along with temporary bracing for long-lasting results.


Viscosupplementation, Temporary Bracing, and Physical Therapy

Viscosupplementation is a medical procedure during which lubricating fluid is injected into a joint. Also called hyaluronic acid injections or hyaluronan injections, it is most commonly used to treat knee and joint pain from osteoarthritis symptoms and will reduce pain and slow the joint deterioration.


Temporary Bracing

Viscosupplementation, Temporary Bracing, and Physical Therapy

With OA comes a decrease in joint space, and therefore instability. Temporary bracing can give stability to the joint during the rehabilitation process, and when used together with viscosupplementation can increase the joint space to allow the fluid to set thus providing a better cushion for the joint.


Superb Rehabilitation

Viscosupplementation, Temporary Bracing, and Physical Therapy

Movement is the key to success. The less you move your knees, the weaker they can get. Our team is dedicated to showing you how to live an active lifestyle and physical therapy is key to overcoming your chronic knee and joint pain. Our program will provide you with the best level of care and help you manage your osteoarthritis symptoms.

South Miami Spine and Joint Logo for their Osteoarthritis Treatment Program

Learn More About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic condition of the joints and it affects approximately 27 million Americans. Take the time to learn more about osteoarthritis, its symptoms and how it can affect you and your loved ones.

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